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At home in Kenya, she accompanies custom safaris as a naturalist guide for Maniago Safaris and has also guided for Abercrombie & Kent, Baobab Expeditions, Frontiers Intl, Lakani Global Tours, and South African Journeys, Inc. in East and Southern Africa. Contact Me or Your Travel Agent

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About Lynne

When you are born in “beautiful downtown Burbank,” you have to go somewhere! The first place that Lynne Bailey went was the Griffith Park Zoo (now the Los Angeles Zoo), where she had all of her early birthday parties and spent every free minute of her young life. Holding the hose on the baby elephants (Grandma knew the zookeeper) was her first childhood memory. When the film “Born Free” came to the theaters, Lynne watched it at least a dozen times and vowed to grow up to marry a game warden in Kenya. A few years had to elapse before she came close to doing just that.

After a short time spent working in the Hollywood film industry, Lynne traveled to Europe for a proposed one-year excursion. There, she joined an Irish show band to entertain the U.S. Army and Air Force troops in Turkey. When Incirlik Air Base in Adana was closed, Lynne was evacuated to Ethiopia. At the Kenya Embassy in Addis, Lynne met a university group that was willing to take on another body. Ten days and many miles later in Nairobi, group members went their separate ways, planning to reconvene in two weeks’ time. Lynne never reconvened. To this day, she is still in Kenya, the home of her heart.

Lynne’s brief marriage into the well-known Leakey family started her on a long career of observing and studying the wildlife and ecology of East Africa as well as the tribal life of its people. She lectures regularly on topics such as the social behavior of elephants, the Maasai people, and the national parks. She also gives unique safari presentations on responsible tourism and conservation. Lynne’s extensive travels have taken her to many destinations worldwide where she has hosted special departures to Antarctica, Ecuador, Indonesia, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia – as well as her home base in Kenya, East Africa. She holds a Silver Label Professional Safari Guide qualification and has joined two Abercrombie & Kent Private Jet Around Africa safaris as part of the guiding team.

Lynne spends part of her time in Sedona, Arizona where she is involved in animal rescue and fostering with Tara’s Babies animal shelter N. Arizona (, and enjoys hosting safari reunion parties and welcoming friends to her home “Out of Africa meets the Southwest”. Her hobbies include wildlife photography, writing, ornithology and SCUBA diving. At home in Kenya, she accompanies custom safaris as a free-lance naturalist guide for Maniago Safaris.


Kenyan Elephants

Events of last year and the beginning of 2013 have necessitated a change in my focus from the Maasai beading projects to issues vital to the preservation of the Elephant population in not only Kenya, but all over Africa. Even as I write, elephants and rhinos are being slaughtered at an alarming rate – at least one a day – and recently a family of 12 all gunned down in Tsavo East. Several hundred elephants have been lost in past 12 months just in Kenya. So, what can be done? Many dedicated “elephant warriors” are working 24/7 in the field and through the various organisations existing solely to stop the Bloody Ivory and Rhino Horn Trade before it truly is too late. There is some positive news as the Kenya Wildlife Service and the Kenya Judiciary are finally stepping up to the plate, but it is a slow process. You can all make a difference by supporting any of the various causes – petitions, letters, and good old donations. If you are reading this, you are party of the extended “African” family of people who know and care. Listed below are various websites you can visit to become more informed. At the 11th hour, every conservation group and scientific body – along with the local Kenyans – are making a tremendous difference and all their efforts make encouraging and humbling reading. I am so proud and grateful.,,,,,,,,
- Just to name a few.


The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust continue to rescue and rehabilitate baby elephants who are the innocent victims of the insatiable greed which is wiping out not only mothers, but whole families in the escalating onslaught. Please take this as seriously as you possibly can, as we really are at the 11th hour. Join hands in saving our precious heritage of Elephants and Rhinos for future generations. Adopting a baby elephant is a gift that keeps on giving – and is something you can share with family and friends. A whole year of monthly pictures and updates costs less than pennies a day. How can you not? AND, for any of you foster parents, join me on a “Follow the Orphans” safari to visit your babies.


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